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The Escapades

by Kate

One of the comments that comes up most when we talk to readers is, ‘Oh yes, I wish to see more *** in romance’.

*** can be anything from settings (books set outside of the US or the UK, books set in Africa/Asia/South America/etc) and time periods (historicals set outside of the Regency, historicals in different cultures) to characters (women in high-powered jobs, women 40+, men who are merely millionaires and aren’t pricks!) and representation (characters that aren’t white, characters that are LGBTQI, characters that are disabled or aren’t neurotypical).

This kind of comment comes up quite a bit in reader panels, and publishers and editors dutifully listen and make notes and look for books that meet those suggestions, but we also know one crucial fact that makes it hard to publish them: different books don’t sell.

Sure, there are the occasional outliers. Joanna Bourne has a…

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