Crossing Genres, Mashing Labels

The Escapades

Sitting down to write a book that mashes up genres isn’t something a career-minded author does lightly. Often these books are compulsions. I certainly ignored Joy and her story for two years because it was just too weird and beyond my scope of normal until I just had to write it. And it was a lot of fun – scary but liberating and I still love the world of that book so damn hard.

Unfortunately, a mash up book is often just as hard for publishers to grapple with even if they love it and the world you’ve created. Because how do you put a cover on a book that conveys romance, noir, comedy, urban family and a touch of paranormal?


How do you cover Six Feet Under meets Stephanie Plum?

The answer was staring us in the face all the time. Embrace the quirk! The book is…

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