The Story of my Book: This Love

The Escapades

by Lea Darragh

Let me tell you a story about bohemian Emerson Taylor and her city boy Jack Archer (and it’s not This Love, their tragic tale that released September 15th).

I began writing stories just over six years ago, intrigued and determined to make my way through the crazy fantastic experience that is writing a book. And they say everybody has one in them, and I do believe that, but when it came to Emmy and Jack, my very first heroine and her hero, it seemed I had quite a few.


They always lived in pretty Cobblers Cove, a fictional seaside village snuggled somewhere along Victoria’s Great Ocean Road – because there’s nothing like toes in water to ease us through all of life’s contemplations. Emmy wasn’t always an artistic interior designer, nor was Jack a worldly chef. Emmy wasn’t always as broken as I wanted, and Jack…

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