The story of my book: Recovery

The Escapades

by JC Harroway

Inspiration is a funny thing. It comes in many guises.

For many writers, a story starts with a spark—an elusive flash of magical inspiration that starts a chain reaction, a cascade of creative impulses. For others, their characters talk to them, waking them at night, demanding to be set free, immortalised on the page.

Into this imagination cauldron, throw a handful of ‘write what you know’, add a sprinkle of creative juice and…voila! You have a story.

This was the process for my first contemporary romance novel, Recovery. I’d spent months ignoring the heroine character in my head, fearing I couldn’t do her justice, when a local news item on the New Zealand evening news added the spark!

A BIG Hollywood name was in town, sadly making the news for negative reasons. But now my curiosity was pricked. Why was he here? What had brought him…

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