Bek and Char Review: Jason Bourne

The Escapades

bek and char

Movie Review: Jason Bourne

Char: Before venturing solo to the movies last night, Bek and I had a conversation that went something like this:

Char: I’m thinking of seeing Bourne.

Bek: It got 57%. Star Trek got 83%.

Char: I know. But I like seeing Matt Damon hurting people.

Bek: I already saw it. Two hours I won’t get back … I mean … enjoy ….

… Later…

Char: So, I wasn’t expecting much. And that’s what I got. Jason Bourne is the latest outing in the Bourne franchise, directed by someone called Greengrass (who also directed the second and third Bourne films). It’s got Matt Damon (which we have to say since the last one had JRen), Julia Stiles (for a little while), Tommy Lee Jones and a woman who suspiciously resembles the evil pharaoh from Stargate.


Char: Apart from this new character, all the actors look suitably…

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