The story of my book: Evan and Darcy

The Escapades

by Melanie Coles

‘It is a truth universally acknowledged that every story has its beginnings in another story…’

It’s not exactly Jane Austen’s infamous first line from Pride and Prejudice, but quite often stories come about because of a premise, an idea or a thought an author has while reading another story.

It happened for me during one of my many re-reads of Austen’s best-loved work. As I lost myself in the romance of Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy, I found myself asking how the story would have played out if their genders were reversed. Would Darcy still hold the same appeal as a woman? What would a male version of Elizabeth be like? And could the story still work?

The questions wouldn’t go away, so I set about trying to answer them the only way I knew how. The result is my first novel, Evan and Darcy.

Adapting an…

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