Hot toddies: Nicola E Sheridan

The Escapades

From A Warlord’s Lady by Nicola E Sheridan. Nicola writes: Sabra Westwood is a human Chameleon (essentially a genetically modified human who is able to camouflage due to the presence of chromatophores in her skin). This is an extract from Sabra’s book, ‘Memoir’s of a Warlord’s Love Slave’.

My stomach lurched into my throat and my heart constricted as if garrotted. I turned, and there he was, the Warlord, Cain Dath. He stood in loose, faded blue jeans, bare feet, and another snug white tee-shirt. The dark tan of his skin contrasted with stark beauty against the cloth, and I noticed the muscles in his neck tense as he obviously waited for my response.
‘No,’ I croaked, all too aware that I was naked and, due to my nervousness, was camouflaging badly.
A smile eased the line of his lips and he let out a slow breath, as if he’d been…

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