The story of my book: Quest for Earth

The Escapades

by SE Gilchrist

When anyone asks where I get my ideas from, I find it difficult to answer. Some ideas just come to me, out of the blue—literally. (For some weird reason, a lot of times when I’m in the shower!). Some of my story ideas are triggered by articles I’ve read, even a phrase or book title or information on technology or innovative ideas. With Quest for Earth, the idea behind the story was born when I was plotting the story world for my Darkon Warriors series.

It seemed to me a logical conclusion that not all the Earth people would want to stay in the ‘Seven Galaxies’ and voila!—I had the premise for a second, follow-on series.

My heroine first made her appearance in Star Pirate’s Justicethe perfect candidate, as she has a lot to atone for due to past actions. I wanted to really make things difficult…

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