The story of my book: Black Mountain

The Escapades

by Kate Loveday

It can be strange, the way a story comes into being. Take my novel Black Mountain. Ever since Peter and I spent time ‘on the road’ playing hooky from real life as we enjoyed the carefree life of gypsies wandering Australia, and came across Black Mountain, I’ve known I would use it as the setting for a story.

This spooky mountain is in far northern Queensland, on the Mulligan Highway, 25 kilometres south of Cooktown.

bm4Black Mountain, known as Kalkajaka, ‘the place of the spear’, is avoided by the Aboriginal people, who believe it’s a site of supernatural events. According to geologists, this huge rock formation was formed from solidified magma millions of years ago.

But it’s the stories told about it that makes it such a compelling and eerie place—stories of disappearances of people and animals who ventured into the Black Mountain. There have…

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