Stop with the misogyny!

The Escapades

Our very own Ainslie Paton has written a great piece over at Bookthingo, describing her frustration with the way some romance writers (and publishers) blur the lines between ‘alpha male’ and ‘entitled doucheturnip’. Here’s an extract:

Romance is a lot of things. It’s a place to explore fantasies and live vicariously, a place to find comfort, be thrilled, chilled or soothed. It’s also a genre where social constraints between people are explored in historical, modern and future contexts.

In 2016, inside contemporary romance, it shouldn’t be a place where misogyny stands unexamined. We have enough of that in our real lives.

It shouldn’t be a place where we let our heroines be inadvertent victims of superior men. (Or our male lead characters for that matter). Where we write heroes who would trample on a woman’s will, because they can, and heroines who accept that behavior too easily as if…

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