Meet your Author: Elizabeth Squire

The Escapades

March and April see the release of books by two new debut Escape authors: Maddie Jane (Fixed Up) and Elizabeth Squire (Closer to Sin). We thought you might like to meet them—and we were lazy enough to let them do all the interviewing work! Last we we published Elizabeth’s interview with Maddie—now enjoy Maddie’s interview with Elizabeth!

Hello, I’m Maddie Jane and today I’m interviewing my fellow author, Elizabeth Squire. We’re both debut Escape artists and are super-excited about our new releases. Elizabeth writes Regency romances and is talking to me about her gorgeous novel, Closer to Sin. Hopefully she’ll share a few secrets with us today, about herself as well as her sexy hero, Sinclair and her feisty heroine, Liliane.

Elizabeth, when did you tell your friends you were a writer with a secret identity and a passion for smoking-hot Regency rakes?

Funny you should…

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