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We’ve set the challenge to Australian romance writers… using the above ‘menu’, you’ve got $10 to build us what you consider to be the *perfect* story…. Can it be done? Narrelle Harris shows us her way!

The Holmes/Watson Requited Love Pie by Narrelle Harris

A delicious dish I like to savour involves soul-mates finding each other at last, healing from past hurts and overcoming external obstacles to embrace a brighter future. A great variation on this recipe is having the soul-mates not realise that they are soul-mates, and having to overcome some internal obstacles as well.

Today I am compiling a classic dish of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, served as a romance pie, Australian-style. This dish has been with us, with variations, for 128 years, and can be enjoyed in many ways and adapted for all eras, seasons and tastes.

My version of this classic is called The Adventure…

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