Meet your Author: Maddie Jane

The Escapades

March and April see the release of books by two new debut Escape authors: Maddie Jane (Fixed Up) and Elizabeth Squire (Closer to Sin). We thought you might like to meet them—and we were lazy enough to let them do all the interviewing work! Today you can read Elizabeth’s interview with Maddie, and next week we’ll run Maddie’s interview with Elizabeth.

Hi there, I’m Elizabeth Squire and I’ve just enjoyed a wonderful few days getting to know fellow Escape artist and debut author Maddie Jane. Being the sticky beak, ah—I mean, investigative journalist, that I am, I couldn’t resist peppering her with questions about her writing life and her sexy new book, Fixed Up. For two gals who grew up on opposite sides of the Ditch, it was great to discover that we both shared a penchant for reading concealed Mills and Boons when…

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