In Defence of Romance!

The Escapades

by Kate Loveday

Romance novels often come in for unfair criticism, being variously described as ‘trashy’, ‘trivial’, ‘naive’ or even plain ‘stupid’—and unrealistic.

What the critics don’t take into account is that these stories, as with all works of fiction, depict a slice of life as it can happen. So do mysteries, thrillers and adventure yarns, to name a few. We don’t hear these works scoffed at—and romances are certainly more true to life than science fiction, for example.

A romance novel focuses on the emotional involvement between two people; there are novels that focus solely on the relationship, and there are others that have another darn good story interwoven with the romance. In fact, many books are dubbed ‘romance’ incorrectly. The Romance Writers of Australia gives the following definitions:

  • A ‘romance’ is a book where the romance itself is the main plot and the romance resolves happily or optimistically.

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