Reformed (billionaire) Hero

The Escapades

by Alyssa J. Montgomery

He’s super-confident, sexy as hell and is committed to not committing! He can have just about any woman he wants in his bed—except our heroine…unless he reforms. In regency novels he’s a rake eg the Marquess of Leath in A Scoundrel by Moonlight by Anna Campbell: in Roses for Sophie, he’s Logan Jackson, a lethally handsome, billionaire playboy.

Whatever the time period, the reformed hero is frustrating as hell—making our heroine want to shake him even while she wants to kiss him, and yearning to have him as her lover even while every shred of common sense tells her to run in the other direction in world-record time!

Yet, even with all that push-pull of mental angst and physical and emotional need, there’s an overriding and intrinsic appeal for the heroine to know she has what it takes to make this strong, powerful bad boy…

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