Reformed Heroes: bad boys in velvet and lace

The Escapades

by Beverley Eikli

Who loves a bad boy with a soft heart that can only be breached by a worthy heroine? I do. I don’t often write about them but in my recent Georgian-set romantic mystery, Wicked Wager, my bad boy Sir Peregrine emerged out of nowhere, raised one sardonic eyebrow and said it was time to write a story about a bad boy in velvet and lace.

Sir Peregrine is an unparalleled dresser of his time and the fall of the lace at his cuff and the cut of his brocade coat indicate his wealth, power and influence. Certainly during the Georgian and Regency eras, you cannot have a poor rake.

So what defines bad boys or rakes who need reforming? I’ve put together a few ideas.

  • A self-confident exterior and a good dose of arrogance.
  • Perhaps a goal of dubious merit that the heroine will mess with as…

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