Forced Proximity: sexy sea-lion edition

The Escapades

By Kate J. Squires

Contrary to what all the internet dating sites would have you believe, the majority of Aussies do not meet their partners online (sorry not sorry, Tinder.) Most of us still meet our partners the old-fashioned way: because we couldn’t avoid them. Friends of friends, the co-worker down the hall, the study-group buddy we keep getting paired with—there are people in our lives who are thrust into our circles, and sometimes we fall in love with them.

And the tighter the circle, the greater the chance we’ll end up falling into the arms of the other party. For example, when I used to work on board a cruise ship, I couldn’t believe how many pairings there were—it was quite an incestuous little family, with couples hooking up, breaking up and reforming every five minutes. People bounced merrily from bed to bed, but when everyone was stuck on…

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