Forced Proximity: my favourite trope

The Escapades

by Robyn Rychards

When I was a teenager, I lived in a small town called Niwot, Colorado, about halfway between Boulder, Colorado and Longmont, where I live now. Niwot has changed a lot since I was a teenager and as an adult I can appreciate its charm, and be glad I was able to grow up in such a place.

As a teenager, however, I felt very isolated. In reality, it was only a fifteen-minute drive into Boulder where there was everything a person could want. But as a teenager with no car, the only places I could go were places I could walk to or ride my bike. Niwot had no grocery store, no department store, no bookstore and no library; which meant my access to books was very limited. Then one day, a used bookstore opened up. I could feed my desire for romance books, and at bargain…

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