Enemies to Lovers: Melbourne edition

The Escapades

In the last of our ‘Enemies to Lovers’ posts, Susanne Bellamy writes about Engaging the Enemy, with its family feud set in contemporary Melbourne.

The timeless story of ‘a pair of star-cross’d lovers’ fascinated me as an impressionable teenager and ever since, I’ve loved this trope. The idea that love can conquer even those who begin as enemies is life-affirming in a world where random acts of violence and hate dominate the news. Finding something that draws people together and which is worth fighting for makes writing this trope optimistic and uplifting. Alison Stuart writes wonderful ‘enemies to lovers’ in her English Civil War series. Against a backdrop of war, when brother might turn against brother for an ideal, what could be more challenging in a relationship than falling in love with your enemy?

2013 Melbourne 014On a tram ride in Melbourne a couple of years ago, as I clung…

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