Secret (historical) Baby!

The Escapades

This is the second Secret Baby! post in our series about tropes in romance literature

by Frances Housden

My first six books were all contemporary romantic-suspense, and any secrets were simply part of the intrigue. A writer has to come up with an excellent reason for the heroine to become pregnant in an era where condoms and birth control methods are freely available. Why, I’d have to lock the hero and heroine away in a French chateau—oops, I already did that in Honeymoon with a Stranger.

Then why, you might ask, have I written four secret baby plots out of the six books in my Chieftain series? I don’t need an excuse—writing books set in 11th-century Scotland chucks birth-control out the window, or arrow-slit if you want to be pedantic—but it’s the reason behind the secret that adds another dimension. Any secret adds tension, makes the characters’ lives difficult—but…

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