JL Perry

AUSSIE MONTH with J. L. Perry

Describe yourself in one word:

Tell us about your current work-in-progress:
My current WIP is called HOOKER. It’s a Romantic Suspense. It’s about a young girl who gets adopted by a wealthy socialite at the age of 11. Jade thinks her life is looking up for the better when she’s showed with designer clothes and vacations all over the world.  She’s placed into one of the finest all-girls school in the country, and a finishing school. What she doesn’t realise is, her adoptive mother is actually a madam, and spends the next 7 years grooming Jade to become a high class escort. On her 18th birthday, all is revealed. She is forced to sign a contract for 7 years. 1 year of service for every year her adoptive mother looked after her. Although unhappy about her situation, she eventually accepts that this…

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