Sarah Belle

AUSSIE MONTH with Sarah Belle            

Describe yourself in one word:

Tell us about Miss Spelled:
Miss Spelled was my second novel and it was so much fun to write- I had no idea you could buy a magic spell on the internet! Lou Mercer buys a spell to delete the memory of a relationship from her nasty ex-boyfriend’s memory. However, not being a witch, her spell results in total destruction of her life, and loss of her new fiancé, the hunky Aidan. She only has one week to win him back before he marries Miss Wrong. It’s a race against time, against the past and towards a finishing line she doesn’t expect.

What inspired this novel?
We’ve all have events or people in our past that make us cringe, ones we’d delete if possible. Lou certainly has that with her ex, Hunter. However, I believe that all these…

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