Louise Forster

AUSSIE MONTH with Louise Forster

Describe yourself in one word:
Wow that’s a difficult question. But I would have to say I’m driven by, Emotion with a capital E.

Tell us about I’ve Got You:
Belle Fabrini fell in love with the boy next door, Kabe Hunter, when she was in her mid-teens. He was a little older, (had his licence) thought she was cute, and felt a whole lot more. He was aware she had problems and would often spend time with her sitting on the front steps chatting and laughing. Though devastated when he left town, she understood why he needed to go. They drifted apart and then it was her turn to leave. Years later, when she had a fabulous job and he ran his own sailing/tourism business, and under extreme circumstances, they connected again. Which is where the story begins.

What inspired this novel?

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