Kendall Talbot

AUSSIE MONTH with Kendall Talbot      

Describe yourself in one word:

Tell us about Breathless Encounters:
Breathless Encounters is an anthology of short stories that were all inspired by true life events. These are sweet, quick stories that are great to read during your lunch time, while you’re commuting, or before you go to bed.

What inspired this novel?
The initial inspiration for this short story collection started after my mother told me a story about growing up in war torn London. Together with her best friend, the boy who later became my father, they would explore the bombed buildings of London, despite the derelict homes being condemned. I wrote this first short story, Charlies Angel, for my mum. Each one of these stories are very different and I fell in love with the concept of writing a story in a short amount of words. It was a challenge…

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