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CHRISTMAS WITH… Sara Hantz, TM Clark, Mel Teshco, Robyn Grady


What are your plans for Christmas 2015?
Sara Hantz: Home with the family.

TM Clark:  Some of my husband’s family are visiting from England, so a Clark family Christmas get together at my in-laws new home in Australia.

Mel Teshco: I’m having an early Xmas/70th birthday celebration with my mother and all our immediate family. On the day itself we’ll probably chill out at home, with some nice drinks and too much food.

Robyn Grady: In June, we moved from the family home to an apartment so Christmas will be different this year. We have a smaller, less traditional tree. Different neighbours and no LED Santa runway on the front lawn. But I’m so looking forward to seeing the sun rise over the water on Christmas morn, and sharing the holidays with family and friends.


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