Louise Forster

Christmas with… Louise Forster

What are your plans for Christmas 2015?
Past Christmases we’d have the whole family at our place, usually 14 for lunch/dinner. But watching our daughters worry about the time and needing to take off to their in-laws was stressful for everyone. This year I’ve told them its breakfast at our place. The kids will be up at dawn, once they’ve opened their presents they’ll need breakfast, so may as well have it surrounded by family, no stress. I’m making their favourite ‘crepes/pancakes’. I don’t often make them, it’s not difficult just very time consuming, you have to watch over them every second. Considering the youngest can hoover up at least six, I’ll have to make a stack … not a problem. The great thing about pancakes is you can make them the day before. Warmed up or eaten cold they’re delicious. For those who’d like…

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