REVIEW: T.M. Clark’s ‘Tears of the Cheetah’

REVIEW: T.M. Clark’s ‘Tears of the Cheetah’



Tears of the Cheetah
T.M. Clark

The fight to save the cheetahs is a race against time

Mackenzie came to South Africa to escape the trauma of her past and build herself a bright new future: love is the last thing on her mind. But she’s finding it increasingly hard to ignore her feelings for the strong-minded Cole, who runs the game reserve for cheetahs just outside her town. Cole has made no secret of his feelings for her, but he realises that Mackenzie cannot be rushed so he is prepared to wait.

However, neither could have predicted the terrifying events that are about to overtake them. When Cole saves Mackenzie from a vicious attack, it is only the beginning of an ever-spiralling maelstrom of violence.

Someone is decimating Africa’s cheetah population, and when the poaching threat comes to their door, Mackenzie and Cole have only one option: they must…

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How do you promote on Kobo?

Kobo Writing Life

By Patty Jansen

When other writers hear that I sell quite well on Kobo, the reaction is invariably: how do you do that? I don’t even know how to promote my books there.

Last month, this post appeared on the Kobo Writing Life blog, which details useful sites for ebook promotion. There are also a few Facebook groups that concentrate on Kobo or sites that sell ebooks in EPUB format. Kobo Writing Life and Kobo Indie Ebooks are two I can think of.

Invariably, a lot of these Facebook groups have the same problem in common: they are populated mainly by writers wanting to “promote”. You may sell a copy or two, but those books are bought by someone who came to the site wanting to advertise their own books.


So, maybe we need to step away from that tacky word “promote”.

What does promote mean? Since the start…

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CHRISTMAS WITH… Nicole Flockton

CHRISTMAS WITH… Nicole Flockton


Tangled Vines Final

CHRISTMAS WITH… Nicole Flockton

What are your plans for Christmas 2015?
After spending the last couple of Christmas traveling we will be spending Christmas home. I want to put the Christmas tree up, the sock monkey Christmas inflatable we have up in the garden and enjoy spending Christmas at home.

Tell us about a usual Christmas in your home?
Well since we’ve moved to Houston our Christmases have varied from year to year. But  what we will probably do this year is get up and open presents. We will probably hang at home with a cooked lunch and then relax with leftovers for dinner.

PhotoPass_Visiting_Magic_Kingdom_Park_7187689333Any gift in particular that you’d love to see wrapped under the tree?
You know I don’t know what I want for Christmas. But a girl wouldn’t say no to a nice piece of jewellery.

What is a typical Christmas lunch and/or dinner at your house?

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December Recipes: No-Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Slice

The Escapades

by Shona Husk

It’s hot in Australia during Christmas so the last thing you really want to be doing is baking. This recipe is super quick and only uses one pot… it’s no bake peanut butter chocolate slice!

As the name suggests there is no baking, just the painful 2-3hrs as you wait for it to set in the fridge. On the plus side you can lick the pot as there are no raw eggs!

Here is the original recipe:

I changed some of the cup measurements to weights because you can stick the saucepan on the scales and add to the pot (plus have you ever tried to put peanut butter in a cup and then scrape it out? Not fun. Ditto for the honey.).

Melt these together:

  • 1 cup peanut butter (250g, crunchy or smooth it doesn’t seem to matter. Maybe live dangerously and try almond butter?)

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What are your plans for Christmas 2015?
We’re having Christmas at home this year, and on boxing day we’ll travel down to the South East (SA) for a holiday.

Tell us about a usual Christmas in your home?
We put the turkey on early in the morning, while the kids play with their presents. Normally the day is taken up with eating and drinking until we’re all feeling awfully full. Just a lovely day where we enjoy ourselves, relax and watch our kids have a great time.

Any gift in particular that you’d love to see wrapped under the tree?
A new Kindle. Mine died earlier this year.

What is a typical Christmas lunch and/or dinner at your house?
We have a hot meal, even though it’s normally hot. So turkey, or chickens, with roast vegetables, and pudding. Tea is normally a cold serve and seafood.

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December Recipes: Rustic Rocky Road

The Escapades

by Sarah Belle

I am a very fussy Rocky Road eater. That’s because, for me, RR is all about ratios. I don’t like RR’s that have a very thick chocolate base and miniscule pieces of marshmallow and jelly lolly on top. Noooo. I love light, fluffy, mountainous Rocky Road with the perfect combination of marshmallow, jelly and chocolate in each delicious bite. So, here’s my own recipe:Sarah's Rocky Road.Ingredients:

  • 2 bags of Pascall’s marshmallows – the coloured ones are very pretty.
  • 2 bags of jelly lollies – ripe raspberries are my faves, but you can use whatever tickles your fancy.
  • 2 Blocks of chocolate – you can use milk, white or dark. It needn’t be high quality, but the home brand or cooking chocolate won’t taste as good.


Chop one bag of marshmallows in half. (This is for variety in mallow-bite size!)

Empty marshmallows and jelly lollies in a large…

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CHRISTMAS WITH… Louise Reynolds

CHRISTMAS WITH… Louise Reynolds


Louise Reynolds

CHRISTMAS WITH… Louise Reynolds

What are your plans for Christmas 2015?
I’ll be spending time relaxing with friends, catching up on some writing projects, reading, and having fun out and about in Melbourne – see gifts question below 🙂

Tell us about a usual Christmas in your home?
It’s pretty quiet around here as we have no family other than my mother in Melbourne, so we see them either side of Christmas in their respective states. But that doesn’t mean we hold back on all the usual fluster and excitement of the season. The house will be buffed and polished, the garden tidied and decorations hung.

Any gift in particular that you’d love to see wrapped under the tree?
I feel like a six year old saying this but, a bike! I happen to know that I am getting an electric bike however I hope my husband doesn’t try to…

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