Ten Reasons Why a Voice Actor Makes a Good Lover

The Escapades

by Ainslie Paton

  1. Voice actors work in both traditional and new media. They voice cartoon characters and animations as well as audio-books, video games and advertising. The voice actor’s job is future proofed, even avatars and robots need voices.

  2. Voice actors don’t need to dress up. It’s come as you are and bring your vocal dexterity with you. You won’t need to compete in the wardrobe stakes with your voice actor.

  3. Voice actors don’t have to get cold or dirty or hang around boring sets in faraway places waiting for their part to be filmed, they work in clean, comfortable, centrally located recording studios, so they’re always close by when you need them.

  4. Voice actors can impersonate others. Want a little Morgan Freeman or Jeremy Irons in your day? Your voice actor may be able to oblige. If Sheldon Cooper’s cadence is more your level of amusement, your voice actor…

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