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The Escapades

by Kate

Let’s talk about sentences, all the ways they can go wrong, and the ways that they can be fixed up to make your writing stronger, tighter, and more exciting.

Sentence structure can make or break a manuscript, and to tell a strong story, you need a good mix of long and short, simple and complex, descriptive and active. They also have to be correct…

Here are the most common errors, with examples, and the way they can be fixed:

  • Sentence Fragments – every sentence needs a subject and a verb to be complete. Most sentences need more than that to be interesting. You also want to make sure there’s an independent clause – a whole and complete thought or idea expressed.
    • Bad: Blue eyes, tanned skin, chestnut hair blowing in the wind.
      • No subject, no verb (blowing, in this case, is acting like an adjective)
      • Dependent clause – this…

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RELEASE DAY ALERT: Camille Taylors’ ‘Not Forgotten’

RELEASE DAY ALERT: Camille Taylors’ ‘Not Forgotten’


Not Forgotten

Not Forgotten
Camille Taylor

Detective Matt Murphy is assigned the case no one else wants.

The Butcher is a ghost, killing all over Australia for years, and now he’s made the coastal city of Harbour Bay his hunting ground. Up against a brick wall, Matt has no choice but to contact the only surviving witness-seventeen-year-old Hallie Walker. But Hallie has been in a psychological rehabilitation centre since the double murder five years ago, and Matt needs help.

Gifted psychologist Natalie Miller sees a lot of herself in Hallie and vows to help her heal.

Natalie is no stranger to a violent past, and is usually wary of men. She is stunned by her response to the hot detective, and becomes determined to not only see Hallie released-as she believes the girl has been misdiagnosed-but to help Matt solve this unsolvable case.

Matt and Natalie face danger at every turn, but…

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HUMP DAY HUNK with Juanita Kees

HUMP DAY HUNK with Juanita Kees


Home to Bindarra Creek_reduced

Hump Day Hunk with Juanita Kees

Hi, Alice here. I’ve lived in Bindarra Creek forever. It used to be a small, quiet town…until the arrival of Dan Molyneaux.

My life turned upside down the day he crashed near that damn tree, throwing me right out of my comfort zone and breaking down the walls I’d built around me. He roared into town in his high-powered V8—all citified—an investment broker who thought he could reopen the Riverside Pub and rip the band aid off my past.

When I saw him on the side of the road—all tall, dark-haired, a feel-worthy arse and eyes the colour of rich hazelnut chocolate (imagine a combination of Hugh Jackman and Eric Bana)—I wanted to shoot him for being so damn nice and reawakening my heart.


I was hoping some of our crazy locals would scare him off, like Old Man Jake and my grandad Charlie…

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Rock Stars, Up Close

The Escapades

by Shona Husk

Something amazing happened last week. I usually win my money back on a scratchy, but I don’t win big. So when @TweetPerth ran a competition to win tickets and a meet and greet with Def Leppard, I retweeted without holding my breath.

When I was told I’d won, I was astounded.

I texted hubby—apparently his work colleagues had never seen him so excited. Hubby is just a bit of a Def Leppard fan.

After a mad dash for babysitting, hubby and I trekked off to Red Hill Amphitheatre (I have no idea how we would have found the venue pre-smart phone days).

Red Hill

We had to be there super early for the meet and greet, sowe got the bonus of seeing all the sound checks. 

Live (yay!) and Baby Animals (also yay!) were the support acts. I may have let out a whoop at the end of…

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Escape Turns Three Today!

The Escapades

We got cake!

we got you cake!

We also have nostalgia. If you’re looking for something to read this weekend, may we suggest the five titles that kicked off this whole journey – perfect reads for every reader.


A romance about changing the game, finding the truth, and fancy footwork.

(find more titles from Ainslie Paton here, including her new release Incapable)


A dark, violent, and devastatingly sensual erotic fantasy about the binding force of love.

(Check out Keziah Hill’s sizzling addition to our Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives series here)


She thinks she needs him, but she doesn’t know the secrets he keeps…

(Get more from Lee Christine here, including the whole Grace & Poole series and the kick-off to her new series, Dangerous Arrangements)


A fresh and exciting debut novel introducing the Chronicles from the Applecross.

(check out more from Rebekah Turner here, including the two follow-up…

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