Hallowe’en Mini-Series: When I Fell In Love With Angels (Fallen Ones)

The Escapades

By Rebekah Turner

Growing up in a religious environment gave me something of a thirst for writing stories with fallen angels, demons and everything in between. These are the kind of characters that populate my Chronicles of the Applecross books: creatures from other realms searching for redemption or peace. And along with reading Revelations more than a few times, movies also played quite a role in feeding my imagination. And behold! A list of my favourite fallen angel movies.

1. The Crow (1994)


The second movie I saw on the big screen was The Crow. Being a hormonal lunatic at the time, I was pretty hooked with the visual representation of an avenging angel, wreaking a terrible vengeance on his enemies. The role was played so beautifully by Brandon Lee, before he was tragically killed on set.

2. Constantine (2005)


Then there was Keanu Reeves in Constantine. While…

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Hallowe’en Mini-Series: When I Fell in Love with Witches

The Escapades

By Dani Kristoff

The belief in the ‘other’ is as old as human kind. We have always pondered the boundaries of our existence and what lies beyond. We have craved magic and power over life and death. We see it in the story of Frankenstein’s monster, in the myth of vampires, in the lure of the werewolf and in the premise of shapeshifters and angels. It’s the excitement, the danger, the virility, the sexual promise and the ability to conquer and change our surroundings and in triumphing over death. And do it sexy and well. Man, I love paranormal romance (and urban fantasy!).

554079581_e59f183b8f_o (1)

With the genre brimming with the above, it’s not surprising then to me that I fell in love with witches and warlocks and the idea they live here among us, hidden and sheltered in anonymity. But what do witches do to blend in? Do they fall in…

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Hallowe’en Mini-Series: When I Fell In Love With Myth

The Escapades

By Jenny Brigalow

Look Between The Lines

My Dears,

It is time to talk. Be seated. Fill your glass with rich red wine. Caste away your cares, settle down to listen.

There have always been the Children. I know, fore I walked with them through the Mist. My mother, and her father, and his father before him walked with them too. We were the keepers of the secrets and the tellers of the tales. Many names we have had, bard and jester, mage and madman.

Times change and those that walk this world must adapt or perish. The Children flourished. Until one day a new force arose. A magic of great might that threatened to extinguish the Olde. But the Children are nothing if not resourceful. They came to me and begged me to write their story into the realms of myth.

Hide us, they said, between the lines of…

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Feed Your Reader – Late October Releases

The Escapades


From Lily Malone: a new Australian rural romance about a millionaire wine tycoon, the woman he betrayed and the second chance neither was looking for


From award-winning author Kendall Talbot comes a new romantic adventure to dive into…


In the acclaimed, best-selling The Apollo Academy, Aurora fought for her life and her chance at love. Now she’s ready to conquer the final frontier… space.

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Hallowe’en Mini-Series: When I First Fell in Love with the Paranormal

The Escapades

By MA Grant

Discovering Elizabeth Marie Pope’s The Perilous Gard when I was in fourth grade was a dangerous business. Technically it wasn’t my book; it belonged to my older sister, who had an uncanny knack for remembering all the books in her room’s library and exactly where she had placed them. However, the allure of Fairy Folk and an intelligent heroine was too strong to resist.

Perilous Gard Cover

I stole the book from her and hid it under my mattress when I wasn’t actively reading it. I’m positive she knew what I was up to, being in high school and all. I guess she just knew that it was too good a book to deny me.

And, oh my word, was it ever the story I’d been craving! Kate Sutton was—in my nine year-old opinion—me circa 1558. She wasn’t pretty. She wasn’t good at playing the social games of the English…

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Bek and Char Review: The Martian

The Escapades

Movie Review Banner (1)MOVIE REVIEW: THE MARTIAN

Bek: Directed by Ridley Scott and based on the self-published novel by Andy Weir, this movie stars Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Kate Mara, Jeff Daniels, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Kristen Wiig and Sean Bean.

The Martian is a movie that follows astro-botanist Mark Watney (Damon) as he’s stranded on Mars and his struggle to survive until rescue.

Char: Yeah, I saw a joke on FB before I saw it that we’ve spent an inordinate amount of money rescuing Matt Damon (you know, Saving Private Ryan, Interstellar), but this one takes those things to a whole new level of realism. I will admit right from the outset that this whole movie was vicarious living for me – I studied mechanical and space engineering, used to do experiments in microgravity, went to the Mars Direct speeches and would have loved to go on a Mars mission (I still hear…

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