Blogging about Adverbs, thoughtfully and with purpose

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I’ve been musing about adverbs lately, considering their place in the fictional universe, the pros and cons of their use, and what role they play in building a world and maintaining pacing.

I’ve come to the conclusion that, like exclamation marks, adverbs are best used sparingly, if at all.

First, what’s an adverb? An adverb is a word or phrase that modifies pretty much anything except nouns, that is: verbs, clauses, adjectives,otheradverbs,or adverbial phrases. For example, asveryinverynice (modifying an adjective),muchinmuchmoreimpressive (modifying an adjective),andtomorrowinShe’llwritetoyoutomorrow (modifying a verb). Adverbs are very useful in terms of setting time, place, and manner, and they’re often most recognisable in their -ly form (loosely, slowly, gently, carefully – these are all adverbs).

Let’s leave aside time and place adverbs (now, tomorrow, yesterday, at home…

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#SydneyWives – Delectable Darla

The Escapades

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Tell us a little more about your housewife, Darla:
Darla has not been lucky in love. Her ex-husband left her for a younger woman he got pregnant after refusing to discuss having kids with her. Her family business and her part in it has gone from strength to strength, now she wants a family of her own to share in it as her father did with her brothers and her. But with the way her dating history is going of late, the only kids she will be having will be a Popsicle baby (donor sperm). But while she is having a disastrous time on the dating front, it is giving her plenty of stories to entertain the girls at the Diamond Dinner Club.

What inspired Darla’s story:
I was involved…

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