Anthem for the Fans

The Escapades

by Amy Andrews

There’s quite a famous song DownUnder about Australian Rules Football (AFL). It came out in 1979 and I think most Aussies of a certain age would know it. I was only 10 at the time and we didn’t even get AFL on the tele where we lived, but I know it because my Mum used to sing it around the house. It pretty much became an anthem for the sport. It’s called Up There Cazaly, inspired by Roy Cazaly who played Aussie Rules in the 1920’s.

Listening to this song again whilst writing the Women of W.A.R series, got me thinking about all the songs that have become anthems for football codes over the years.

As far as spine tingling awesomeness goes, nothing surpasses a rugby union crowd singing Swing Lo, Sweet Chariot in full voice.

And I was super, super impressed recently during…

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Feed Your Reader: Our Most Anticipated Title of the Year

The Escapades


A small town, a new arrival, and a love that is as undeniable as it is unlawful…

Victoria, Australia, 1891

Anglican priest Matthew Ottenshaw receives his first posting in tiny Dinbratten, two days’ ride from his Melbourne home. Determined to honour his calling as best he can, he throws himself into the footy mad, two-pub town, navigating the dusty streets, learning the gossip, and striking up a friendship with Jonah Parks, the resident police sergeant and local bona fide hero.

A police officer and a priest often find themselves needed at the same place, and Jonah and Matthew’s friendship deepens quickly, as they set about their business of protecting the bodies and souls of Dinbratten’s residents. When a bushfire threatens the town, and Matthew’s inexperience with fire endangers the church buildings, Jonah comes to the rescue, and a reckless kiss in the midst of the chaos takes their friendship to…

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Friday Five: Jami Gray

The Escapades

2814First published with Escape: June 2017
Favourite romance trope: Emotionally scarred H/H, with Alpha tendencies from a military background, with paranormal elements. (Yeah, picking one isn’t easy.)
Ideal hero (in three words): Protective, complex, unexpected
Ideal heroine (in three words): Courageous, Quick-witted, kick-ass
Latest book:Lying in Ruins

What began your romance writing career? Why do you write romance?

An avid reader, when I hit high school, in-between the fantasy and murder-mysteries from my school library, I started sneaking my mom’s romance novels out of the house. Then entering the big bad world as an adult, I stumbled through life and discovered my characters suddenly became harder to hurt (emotionally and physically) while their relationships became crucial to my stories. A therapist would have a field day with this, but my stories shifted to heroines who didn’t need a hero to ride to her rescue. Sometimes it was more satisfying…

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Exclusive Excerpt 2: The Magician’s Keeper

The Escapades


A brand new steamy paranormal romance about learning to love all of yourself.

You’re meant to guard him, not talk. Not fantasize about him either! She reminded herself.

After a time, Bear’s expression grew serious again, and she missed the cheeky dimple when he laughed.

I saw how your colleague Rajid looked at you, does that happen often?” he asked his voice softer this time.

Dora’s frown deepened. “I…” she began not certain how to respond. Especially since her colleagues might be listening.

They look at me the same way, you know,” he said. “They always have.”

Dora felt her breath catch in her throat.

We’re similar, you and I,” he added and paused. “I’m locked away from society for just being a magician, and you are locked out just for being what you are… I just wish, really wish we could have met somewhere else, anywhere

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Friday Five: Welton B Marsland

The Escapades

2836First Published with Escape: November 2017
Favourite Romance Trope: friends-to-lovers
Ideal Hero: smart, quick-witted, brave
Ideal Heroine: smart, quick-witted, brave
Latest Book:By the Currawong’s Call

1. What began your romance writing career? Why do you write romance?

I set out just to tell the sort of stories I’d like to read, but it happens that I’ve always been fascinated with human relationships and how different people interact with and respond to one another, so those tend to be a focus in my stories. I spent important formative time (from a writing point of view) in slash fandoms and learned a lot – about writing, but also about drilling down into what my areas of focus are and what things push my buttons.

2. What do you do when you’re stuck with a scene?

Generally, I’ll take a break from it and write a different one for a while. Also…

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Our Favourite Governesses – Ranked

The Escapades

by Elise Clarke

Elise Clarke, author of the upcoming delightful Regency read My Lady Governess that you NEED IN YOUR LIFE, looks at the top ten governesses, both real and imagined!

  1. Jane Eyre

    janeeyreWho doesn’t love Jane Eyre? Sent away as an unloved orphan, Jane famously advertises to become governess to the turbulent Mr Rochester, and shows she is more than his match. “Do you think, because I am poor, obscure, plain and little, I am soulless and heartless? You think wrong!”

  2. Charlotte Bronte (and Emily and Anne)

    All three Bronte sisters were sent to be governesses. All three of them hated it; one pupil threw a Bible at the pocket-sized Charlotte, who is thought to have used this humiliation in Jane Eyre.

  3. Becky Sharp, the protagonist of Vanity Fair

    A ruthless social climber who uses governessing to work her way up from nothing, Becky might not be sympathetic but…

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The Romance Reader’s Survival Guide to the Apocalypse

The Escapades

by Annabelle McInnes

Congratulations! While you were tucked up in bed reading, you managed to survived the apocalypse. Nuclear war has wiped out humanity or maybe it was a resurgence of the bubonic plague. Ninety-five percent of the world’s population has been wiped out, infrastructure has collapsed, as well as any capable and cohesive government. Somewhere, somebody is trying to resurrect the world, but right now, that’s not your concern. Survival is.

You’re a romance reader, you know the deal, your dashing hero or heroine are on their way. But you’re also a woman of the modern age, so you don’t need anyone to save you. But your survivalist skills are a little rusty. How are you going to survive? Or more importantly, what are you going require from day one? I’ve provided a list of the top ten requirements for romance readers to survive the apocalypse.

  1. Water

Water is…

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